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    Pastor William E. Hall

    Matthew 11: 16-19 (Living Bible)

    "What shall I say about this nation? These people are like children playing, who say to their little friends, we played wedding and you weren't happy, so we play funeral but you weren't sad. For John the Baptist doesn't even drink wine and often goes without food, and you say, He's crazy. And I, the Messiah, feast and drink, and you complain that I am a glutton and a drinking man, and hang around with the worst sort of sinners! But brilliant men like you can justify your every inconsistency!"

    When I was a child, I hated being wrong. I also hated when others would challenge my opinion. I just had to be RIGHT. When another kid would question me and try to correct me, I had a brilliant response.

    If someone said, "That's not the way we play the game."

    I said, "Yeah, so?"

    If someone said, "That's not fair."

    I said, "Yeah, so?"

    If some one said, "That's not how it happened."

    I said, "Yeah, so?"

    Those short two-words were my only defense. I was determined to stick to my guns because I wanted to be right. When I said, "Yeah, so?", I was giving the short version of "Yeah, so what's your point?" in other words, "Mind your own business."

    Maybe you never did that; so let me get on your street. Someone broaches the subject of how you can improve your life, or correct your mistakes, or expand your horizons, and you say, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!" because the truth is that you just aren't interested. The comedian, Jerry Seinfeld had a famous twist to that expression. He said, "Yadda, yadda, yadda". All it really  means is, I don't care what you have to say. I don't want to hear it!"

    How do you get through to someone who just won't listen, someone whose response is always "Big deal!" or "Yeah, so?"

    That's been the dilemma since the beginning of biblical history.

    • When Noah said it was going to rain, the people said, "Yeah, so?"
    • When Jeremiah warned the Israelites that they were worshipping the false gods of the Assyrians, their response was, "Yeah, so?"
    • When Ezekiel told the exiled Israelites that they needed to repent or suffer, for years their response was "Yeah, so?"
    • When Hosea reprimanded his wife Gomer for her adulterous behavior, for a long time she said, "Yeah, Yeah, Yea".
    • When the prophet Amos roared that God would burn the city of Gaza, the Philistines said, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah."

    The fact is that we just don't like it when someone tries to correct us, or enlighten us, or even save us.

      • Winsome Wint
        Winsome Wint

        ....maybe...with time comes maturity.....maybe