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Alone at Church

    By Michelle

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    A 2014 National Science Foundation (NSF) survey revealed an unprecedented number of Americans reported feeling lonely, with one in four of the respondents saying they had no one to talk with about their personal troubles or triumphs. In the coming and going of the modern world, even church members are experiencing a dwindling sense of community.   

    Not only does this growing lack of community affect members, it also hurts the church’s ability to minister and grow. If church members do not feel connected, they will not invite others to become part of their congregation. If guests do not see a thriving church community they want to join, they will not come back, shares Rafael Soto, pastor of Potomac Conference’s Richmond area Hispanic churches. 

    How can churches change this? Several groups in the Columbia Union have focused on building communities where people want to stay. Here’s how they did it.

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